Who We Are

Founded by an experienced localization project manager in association with veteran linguists, Verba++ is a single language agency ++ created to provide clients with impeccable service for the translation of content from English to Italian and Italian to English. We deliver accurate, timely, and budget-oriented translation and localization services for multilingual translation agencies and direct clients alike.

Our Competitive Edge

Our edge is a significant experience in translation and localization project management, a carefully selected network of competent linguists, and our company size. Each project, bigger or smaller, Is professionally run by an experienced project manager based on our methodology. The project manager is responsible for delivering to our clients a high quality, specialized and flexible service on time, within budget, and according to deliverable specifications. We are always available around the clock to answer your questions and requests, and to oversee the project on your behalf.

As a single language agency we may be smaller than most of multi-language agencies. But, differently from individual translators we don't have restrictions in workload capacity and/or area of expertise. Also, like any multi-language agency, our team of localization engineers provide state-of-the art technical solutions to any localization matter. We work with an extensive network of translators and editors, all categorized by area of expertise. This allows us to provide custom, high quality services that are tailored to your specific translation needs.

Technical proficiency

We are experienced users of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools for project management as well translation tasks. This gives us the possibility to translate content in the fastest and most efficient way, quickly respond to any quotation request from our clients, create and build translation memories for consistency and cost saving and build terminology database.

Quality Assurance

Verba++ brings to each project a wealth of experience in translation and localization that the founder and the associates have developed over 30 years in a variety of industries and scenarios. As a result, our process is both robust and finely tuned.

We ensure that your content is translated into current language that accurately captures industry specific meaning and nuance. We retain the subtle distinctions that make the difference between an adequate translation and one that can't be distinguished from original writing by a native speaker.

We believe that a good translation not only requires the appropriate academic background, experience, and training, but also a deep understanding of the social organization, culture, and mentality of the countries related to the source and target languages. We own this understanding because of our background, working and living experience, and education.

Our quality assurance system is based on the requirements, processes, and procedures defined by official quality standards (EN 15038 and ISO 9001). The main elements include:
  • Accurate definitions of the client requirements and the project requirements
  • Open, transparent, and continuing client communications
  • Appropriate selection of internal and external project resources
  • Monitoring and tracking of all project phases
  • Accurate quality control using qualified resources and specialized quality assurance tools.
  • Proper handling of project-related client information
Verba++ remains true to its mission to provide you with the linguistic support to enter or remain Italian and English speaking markets, avoiding the cost and confusion that result from bad or inadequate translations.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss your translation, localization, and interpretation needs, and to provide you a free quote.