How much risk does your business face if your message is lost or altered in translation?

Verba++ avoids the significant risk of delivering bad translation by building quality assurance into every step of the process.

Our methodology is the direct result of nearly 30 years of combined translation, localization and project management experience working for clients in a variety of industries, including IT, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications, Media, Energy, and more. It is robust but flexible, allowing us to support the specific needs of each client and project deadline while maintaining the highest level of quality at a competitive price.

Although each client and each project is different, our methodology consists of the following phases:

1. Evaluation
  • Definition of scope
  • Assessment of budget and schedule
  • Analysis of specifications
2. Project Start and Execution
  • Assign a project manager
  • Develop the project timeline
  • Define the project team
  • Develop the project kit with all project-related information
  • Assign to the project team and monitor the project steps
  • Issue Solving
  • Develop the project glossary and style manual
  • Monitor project process
3. Project Closure
  • Final internal QC
  • On-time delivery of project files
  • Maintain backup copies of files
We share our experience and knowledge with each of our clients. We will help your company to better convey your message to the target audience and stand out from the competition in the global information economy. All of our services and all of our processes have been continuously improved according to the needs of global business.

Pursuit of Excellence

All projects go through a series of stages, each one designed to guarantee the highest quality for the final product deliverables. The risk of errors, omissions, and inconsistencies is kept under control through experienced project management and process. Each stage of our process ensures the delivery of a final translation that is error free and consistent, with excellent style and unified terminology.

Linguistically, every translation and localization project must resolve the inherent balance between fidelity to the text and maintaining the flow and "voice" of the original text. This balance must be determined in such a way that the target language is not stilted or awkward, or worse - incorrect.

At Verba++ we pursue excellence not only following the phases of our methodology but integrating the latter with a creative process of linguistic and cultural adaptation.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss your translation, localization, and interpretation needs, and to provide you a free quote.