To fulfill our mission Verba++ is focused only in the English to Italian and Italian to English language combinations. Our service portfolio revolves around key tasks of the localization process.
Specifically, our services include:

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Brand Name Linguistic Analysis
  • Transcreation
  • Transcription
  • Script translation and adaptation
  • Interpretation


We translate content of many subject matters, including but not limited to General Business, Marketing, Technical, Medical, Legal and Financial and are very experienced in the localization of Software and Webpage content.

When we translate content from a software or a webpage, we are very aware of the entire localization process issues. Localizing a software application or a webpage requires more than just the translation of content and User Interface (UI). Localization is adapting the software for use in another language and locale. The software needs to be adapted for locale-dependent variations such as date formats (dd-mm-yyyy vs. mm-dd-yyyy), currency, address formats, etc. In addition, there might be some culture-dependent meanings of some specific terminology and illustrations.

All translation and localization projects always include a rigorous quality process. Whether it is a one-page personal letter or the content of a complex application, a second linguist carefully edits the output of the first translator segment by segment, with constant references to the source text. In addition, before delivery, the translation is quality controlled internally for completeness, accuracy, terminology, readability, grammar, and spelling.


Although we prefer assignments where we can handle the translation from its beginning, we will be happy to assist you in editing translations from other sources. In order to have a complete editing of the text, our process includes a full linguistic comparison with the source text, a comprehensive check to make sure the text's structure and factual data accurately reflect the source text, and an examination to verify the document's overall coherency and logic. We carefully check paragraph order and sentence structure, and focus our attention on verifying syntax, spelling, terminology, and style.


We comprehend that localization is a multi-discipline activity that includes several components. Engineering is one of those and it is a critical complement to the software and website localization. We offer professional engineering for website and software localization, including individual testing and quality assurance programs that best fit the project, product, and timeline.

Our methodology covers all the steps crucial for successful localization and testing, including software analysis, build engineering and mastering, bug fixing, scripting and overall localization process automation. Each phase of the localization engineering method ensures that all components of the product (software or website) are correctly localized. The ultimate goal is to deliver top-quality products that require very little, if any, additional client testing.

Desktop Publishing

No matter how good the quality of the translation, a layout or typographical imprecision dramatically impacts how consumers perceive the product or the brand. We provide outstanding Desktop Publishing (DTP) into several applications for both Mac and PC platforms. The integration of translation and DTP service ensures that the final product maintains its integrity and that layout, colors, fonts, sizes and ratios are as in the original copy. To fit the purpose, we reformat pages in order to accommodate language expansions or contractions, translate and localize graphics containing text, replace (and recreate if needed) screenshots from localized applications, and generate and proof indexes and tables of contents.

Accuracy is extremely important on high-profile materials such as marketing communications, advertising or packaging. Therefore, we revise the drafts with one or more linguists in PDF format to make sure that the translated text is accurate and laid properly in the original application so that the localized version mirrors the format of the original. We pay attention to details in the layout and will make the final version look excellent.

Brand Name Linguistic Analysis

International Branding is very challenging. To offer a suitable solution to process, we analyze each syllable of a prospective brand name for both positive and negative associations.

We produce a simple report with a detailed description of negative and cultural associations, any direct translations, and an objective assessment of ease of pronunciation, to help and guide Brand Development Executives in making suitable global choices.


Transcreation is one of the newest localization services. It covers an area that lies between translation and copywriting and it is an excellent tool for multicultural marketing and communication.

Our transcreation process follows the same steps of a regular translation process with the only difference being that we utilize transcreators instead of translators. Who are transcreators? Transcreators are professional figures with a unique combination of skills: they are native speakers of the target language, perfectly fluent in the source language, and have a deep knowledge and understanding of marketing campaign practices. They go beyond translation: they take the concept and idea that is behind the source text and re-create it in the target language. The work of transcreators does not imply recreating a whole new advertising campaign for a different geographic area. The original concept shall remain the same, but it is reworded taking care of the cultural nuances. The idea is to create the same impact on the intended audience as the original ad campaign.

As said, the process is the same: the main transcreator works on the first draft, a second transcreator edits the text and suggests the changes, and the main transcreator finalizes the text. Finally, an internal Quality Check takes place to make sure that the final product is not only linguistically correct, but is also culturally appropriate and makes sense from a marketing standpoint. We know that every transcreation process is unique and should be treated in accordance with our client's expectations. We will, therefore, adjust the service to fit your needs.


We can transcribe into a simple and easy to use MS Word file any handwritten or scanned documents, as well as audio files.

Script Translation and Adaptation

Script translation is one of the greatest challenges amongst the localization services because other language lengths are often much different than that of the English source content. Timecodes become a real issue especially when the production of the original English video was not internationalized during its development cycle. Moreover, translating for speech is also challenging. Most translators are only used to translating for the written word - and when spoken, their language can sound awkward. We are aware of this and we always aim, in respect of the timecode restraints, to create a great natural-sounding voice-over translation.


We are glad to offer interpretation services for business meetings over the phone or via any of the audio/video software applications (Skype, Gotomeeting, etc.), and web conferencing tools. Limited to some geographic areas, we can also offer the service in person.

We limit our service to only consecutive interpretation where the interpreter provides a verbal rendition of what a person has just said immediately after a phrase or paragraph of ideas has been communicated.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss your translation, localization, and interpretation needs, and to provide you a free quote.